leveLXData – Real-World Scenario Data

📃 Dataset Overview

  • Naturalistic trajectory dataset on seven different recording locations
  • In total ~ 69 430 road users
  • Tracked over a road segment length of ~ 420 meters
  • All road users classes: car, van, pickup, truck, bus or motorcycle
  • All vehicles combined drove around 27 300 kilometers
  • Variety of traffic states: free flow, traffic jam, slow traffic, on/off ramp and merging

⭐ High Quality and Variety

  • High tracking and classification accuracy
  • High positioning accuracy
  • Highly naturalistic trajectories
  • Excellent digital maps (lanelet2 and OpenDRIVE)

🛠️ Supplementary Data

  • ASAM OpenDRIVE maps
  • Lanelet2 maps
  • Surrounding vehicles
  • Metrics like THW or TTC
  • Driven maneuvers (e.g. lane changes)

🚀 Easy Start

Provided scripts for Python here:

  • Parsing of provided files
  • Visualization of recorded trajectories

Download the format description here.


The exiD dataset introduces a groundbreaking collection of naturalistic road user trajectories at highway entries and exits in Germany, meticulously captured with drones to navigate past the limitations of conventional traffic data collection methods, such as occlusions. This approach not only allows for the precise extraction of each road user’s trajectory and type but also ensures very high positional accuracy, thanks to sophisticated computer vision algorithms. Its innovative data collection technique minimizes errors and maximizes the quality and reliability of the dataset, making it a valuable resource for advanced research and development in the field of automated driving technologies.

What’s included?

  • Georeferenced trajectory data (e.g. position, heading, lat./long. velocity/acceleration)
  • Recording Meta Information (e.g. frame rate, gps of location or # of objects)
  • Track Meta Information (e.g. road user type, size and class)
  • One digital map representation for each location in
    • OpenDRIVE format including 3D information (fbx & osgb)
    • Lanelet2 format
  • Map-based enriched data (e.g. surrounding vehicles and lane related values)
  • One aerial photograph of each location without road users

Digital Maps **NEW**

Our dataset includes detailed high-definition maps, enabling the analysis of trajectories in relation to the infrastructure. It supports both ASAM OpenDRIVE and Lanelet2 formats for comprehensive compatibility. Furthermore, these maps facilitate the seamless integration of our trajectory data into prominent simulation tools. To enhance this integration, we provide 3D environments corresponding to the maps in all major formats, including *.osgb and *.fbx, among others.

Supplementary Data

In addition to the trajectory data, we incorporate additional details such as lane identifiers, surrounding vehicles, key performance indicators (KPIs) such as time-to-collision (TTC) and time-headway (THW), as well as lane coordinate data using our advanced enrichment algorithms. The enhancement process utilizes the provided opendrive and lanelet maps as a foundation.


This dataset is incredibly versatile, serving a wide range of applications including road user prediction, driver behavior modeling, scenario-based safety validation for automated driving systems, and the development of components for Highly Automated Driving (HAD) systems. Its utility spans from enhancing the understanding of driving dynamics to supporting the refinement and innovation of autonomous vehicle technologies, thereby contributing significantly to advancements in the field of automated driving.


Our paper introducing the dataset and the used methods is published at the IEEE IV 2022 and available here. To reference the dataset, please use:

    title={The exiD Dataset: A Real-World Trajectory Dataset of Highly Interactive Highway Scenarios in Germany},
    author={Moers, Tobias and Vater, Lennart and Krajewski, Robert and Bock, Julian and Zlocki, Adrian and Eckstein, Lutz},
    booktitle={2022 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV)},

Application for Access for Non-Commercial Use

To apply for access to the dataset, please send us a request using this form. Please note that each request is checked manually. Therefore, make sure that that your answers are complete, detailed and correct. If any ambiguities arise, we may contact you for clarification purposes.

    Full name (*) Official university/company email address (*) Company/Insitut/University/Authority/Association (*)
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    Please tell us about yourself, your position, your current (research) project and what exactly you would like to use the exiD dataset for. Access will only be granted if all details are provided. (*)

    Commercial Use

    The exiD dataset is free for non-commercial use only. If you are interested in commercial use, please visit https://levelxdata.com. Under levelXdata, fka GmbH combines its expertise in the field of data acquisition and processing for all stages of automated driving.

    Full Usage Rights

    Acquire the rights to use the dataset for commercial purposes and develop your own commercial applications and solutions.


    The leveLXData team can provide or support your analyses, evaluations and also parameterization of models on the basis of the data.

    Individual Solutions

    leveLXData can tailor a dataset for your requirement, either from an extensive database or based on new traffic recordings along your needs.

    More Datasets

    In addition to the exiD dataset, we used the same methodlogy to create more datasets. Specifically, the highD dataset covers trajectories of vehicles on German highways. The highly interactive behavior of road users at urban intersections is captured in the inD dataset.

    The rounD dataset contains trajectories of road users at roundabouts in Germany. Similarly the uniD dataset covers the behavior of road users at the RWTH Aachen University Campus. Find out more about these datasets on the individual websites.


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