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The Roundabout Drone Dataset
Naturalistic Trajectories of Vehicles and Vulnerable Road Users Recorded at German Roundabouts

About the Dataset

The rounD dataset is a new dataset of naturalistic road user trajectories recorded at German roundabouts. Using a drone, typical limitations of established traffic data collection methods like occlusions are overcome. Traffic was recorded at three different locations. The trajectory for each road user and its type is extracted. Using state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms, the positional error is typically less than 10 centimetres. The dataset is applicable on many tasks such as road user prediction, driver modeling, scenario-based safety validation of automated driving systems or data-driven development of HAD system components.

The rounD dataset was created and published by a team from the Institute for Automotive Engineering (ika) of RWTH Aachen University to promote research in many different domains of mobility. The dataset can therefore be downloaded and used free of charge for academic and research purposes.

🚚 All Types of Road Users

The dataset includes:

  • Vehicles (car, truck, trailer, van, bus)
  • Pedestrians
  • Bicyclists

⭐ High Quality and Variety

The dataset features:

  • Three different recording locations
  • Different roundabout types
  • Low typical positioning error

🚀 Easy Start

Provided scripts for Python here:

  • Parsing of provided files
  • Visualization of recorded trajectories

Download the format description here.


Our paper introducing the dataset and the used methods is published at the IEEE ITSC 2020 and available here. To reference the dataset, please use:

    title={The rounD Dataset: A Drone Dataset of Road User Trajectories at Roundabouts in Germany},
    author={Krajewski, Robert and Moers, Tobias and Bock, Julian and Vater, Lennart and Eckstein, Lutz},
    booktitle={2020 IEEE 23rd International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC)},

Application for Access for Non-Commercial Use

To apply for access to the dataset, please send us a request using this form. Please note that each request is checked manually. Therefore, make sure that that your answers are complete, detailed and correct. If any ambiguities arise, we may contact you for clarification purposes.

    Commercial Use

    The rounD dataset is free for non-commercial use only. If you are interested in commercial use, please visit https://levelxdata.com. Under levelXdata, fka GmbH combines its expertise in the field of data acquisition and processing for all stages of automated driving.

    Full Usage Rights

    Acquire the rights to use the dataset for commercial purposes and develop your own commercial applications and solutions.


    The leveLXData team can provide or support your analyses, evaluations and also parameterization of models on the basis of the data.

    Individual Solutions

    leveLXData can tailor a dataset for your requirement, either from an extensive database or based on new traffic recordings along your needs.

    More Datasets

    In addition to the rounD dataset, we used the same methodlogy to create more datasets. Specifically, the highD dataset covers trajectories of vehicles on German highways. The interactions of vehicles at entries and exits of German highways are captured in the exiD dataset.

    The inD dataset contains trajectories of road users at roundabouts in Germany. Similarly the uniD dataset covers the behavior of road users at the RWTH Aachen University Campus. Find out more about these datasets on the individual websites.


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