Not only do we offer probably the largest and most accurate real-world trajectory datasets, but at fka GmbH we have also a team of experts in applying the dataset for a variety of automated driving applications. This enables us to offer you an extensive package of services around our datasets!

We have the data, know its application and have defined the interfaces.

The development of highly automated driving functions includes their safety validation. As shown in the PEGASUS project, scenario-based approaches are promising. However, all scenarios that an automated vehicle can encounter in its operational area must be systematically modelled and their frequency quantified, which can only be done data-driven.

Automated vehicles use different sensors such as cameras, lidar or radar in combination. To verify and validate these sensors, reference measurement data is required that represents the actual environmental data as accurately as possible. However, the measurement methodology used to generate the reference data must be superior to the vehicle sensors.

Automated driving functions and the underlying tooling such as simulation environments are becoming increasingly complex. Handcrafted models are more and more complemented or even replaced by data-driven models. To derive these models, trajectory data are required, which contain the natural behavior of human road users.

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