Dynamic Ground Truth from Aerial Perspective

Complex multi-sensor setups of automated vehicles need to be verified by reference measurements. By a high-resolution camera and deep learning algorithms, these ground truth data can be obtained from drone recordings in local or geo-referenced coordinate systems. During recordings, a drone can hover statically over a measuring location or intelligently follow a target vehicle.

Our method makes it possible to generate ground truth reference data for vehicle sensors by using a drone that automatically follows the vehicle during a test drive. Both the dynamic and the static vehicle environment are captured by the camera over the entire driving process. After the drive, the video recordings are evaluated using data-driven computer vision algorithms and the individual road users are extracted relative to the vehicle being tracked. In addition, the relative positions of the other road users can also be provided in global coordinates.


  • No occlusions from other vehicles
  • All road user types
  • No hardware installation necessary, all instructed and uninstructed road users are measured
  • High-accuracy over the complete measurement area

Our method is not limited to but ideal for generating ground truth measurements for your Level 3 + prototype.

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